Seven Reasons To Outsource Your HR

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There are a number of important reasons that you must have professional advice regarding HR matters

But when you are not able to have your own HR department, how do you get that advice? SIMPLE, You Hire Assurance HR Management to do it for you.

Where can we best assist you?

There are a number of important areas where our assistance may prove invaluable.

Recruitment and Staff Issues

Hiring employees can be a long and difficult process for any business to master and often the most costly mistake is to take shortcuts. This is especially true when considering SME owners may not have the same resources available to them as a large business with an in-house HR team.

Compliance with Employment Legislation

 Laws in relation to hiring and firing can be quite complex and can change with little notice.

Do you have the time to keep up with the changes while continuing to maintain the ongoing operations of your organisation?

Outsourcing with us means we take the pressure off you, not only by keeping up to date with legislation but ensuring you are using best practice HR methods. 

Effective Time Management

Who has time, when running an organisation, to handle all of the extra work that Human Resources (HR), Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) and Industrial Relations(IR) bring with them?

Not only are there compliance issues but also issues such as recruitment, staff management, and termination (all time-consuming activities), human resources is one of our strengths. Engage us and save your valuable time.

Potential To Save Money

If you do not get your hiring right, discipline the wrong way, or terminate a staff member incorrectly, it can be a costly mistake.

Assurance HR will complete a more thorough review of each potential candidate, run the disciplinary meeting, terminate that staff member the correct way, and thus save you money. 

Improved Employee Development

Quite often it is not who you hire, but how you train them. Sometimes the best candidate is someone who fits within the culture of your organisation if the proper training program is set up around them.

We can assist your organisation by managing staff performance and building staff motivation and loyalty through self-development.

The Benefits of an HR team at a Fraction of the Cost 

Outsourcing the HR functions of your organisation is one way to guarantee the same services you would have using an in-house HR team but at a fraction of the cost.  


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