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Workplace Health and Safety is a critical component of all enterprises which have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all workers employed by the business. The requirements for a workplace health and safety regime are the subject of legislation and regulation and the relevant documents to be referred to for Tasmania are-

  1. Work Health and Safety Act 2012
  2. Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012

Understanding Workplace Health and Safety Acts can be very challenging, not to mention knowing where to start to navigate a review of existing documentation compliance including policies and procedures or the creation of new policies in line with updates to legislation, near-miss reports, hazards reports, safety committee minutes, injuries, worker’s compensation, SOPs, toolbox meetings and WH&S employee training. This area of your business could not be more important, taking the time to engage the AHR team will be the best investment and decision you can make for your business.

It is very important to note penalties for breaches of WHS legislation and regulation can be severe and result in significant fines and can, in some instances, mean imprisonment for Company officers.

AHR can conduct a Workplace Health and Safety Review for one or more workplaces operated by a business or enterprise and provide a report detailing the “At Risk” practices within or related to a workplace, the “Safe” practices used in the workplace and for many businesses, AHR will also identify areas of potential concern which are not applicable to a specific workplace.

 Workplace accidents and incidents occur within businesses, and as a business leader you have an obligation to thoroughly investigate any accident or incident to determine why this occurred, activities leading up to the event, and implement control measures to prevent the event happening again in the future. It is important to note Safe Work Australia also requires that workplace accidents which it determines to be of a severe nature are reported. These are known as ‘notifiable incidents,’ and the definition of notifiable varies from state to state. It’s essential to check with your state’s regulatory body to determine what and what isn’t notifiable.

Working in a small business, it is difficult to understand the process and carry out an independent investigation and manage an accident or injury. Notifiable incident reports can be extremely time-consuming, demanding, and detailed. Not only that, investigations must be submitted within a specific time limit, and there is a set of procedures that need to be followed.

The AHR team are here to handle of all your workplace WH&S requirements.


Workplace Health and Safety Review

A workplace inspection is a planned event where the workplace is inspected to detail “at risk practises”, these include slips and trips, manual handling, fire/smoke emergency, pandemic controls, electrical safety, first aid, induction, bullying and stress, managing hazardous substances, plant and equipment, working in confined spaces, contractor management and many more. The AHR specialist team will conduct the workplace inspections and meet with you personally to discuss potential hazards, including those specific to your workplace. It is essential that all businesses identify workplace hazards before they have the ability to cause an injury.

Emergency Procedures and Site safety emergency Management

Effectively planning for an emergency involves many aspects and is a requirement by Safe Work Australia. Emergency Planning includes first aid, evacuation, and fire incident plans and are essential for businesses of all sizes. With careful preparation and planning, a finalised emergency procedure plan will assist building occupants in a variety of emergency situations including fire, flood, gas, accidents and medical emergencies. The AHR team can work with you to create these plans for your business to ensure your employees and business remain safe.

WH&S Document creation and Management

As an employer you must monitor the effectiveness of control measures for any high-risk work activities that are being undertaken to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and the public. You must create and hold registers, checklists, plans and documents to ensure the safety of those within your workplace at all times. AHR are here to assist, and will create this suite of documentation to reduce the systems required to manage your documentation requirements.

If you’re conducting any high-risk work activities at your workplace, it is therefore essential that you use a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) to ensure hazards arising from these activities are identified and safety measures are in place at all times. 

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) are also an integral part of your Work Health and Safety legislation obligations. While you may assume that your employee is aware of how to operate the machinery at your business or complete a task safely, this is not always the case. A SOP informs an employee how to safely carry out a task in a way that ensures the safety of themselves and others around them. A detailed set of instructions that shows your employee how to operate a piece of machinery or complete a task, step by step.

These documents should be at the forefront of your WHS initiative as they allow your employees to operate safely in a wide variety of situations. These documents need to be kept up-to-date, located so that employees can easily access them, and in some cases, kept on machinery.  Speak with the AHR team today to create your WH&S documentation!

Accident or Incident Investigation

Following an accident or incident occurring in the workplace, you have an obligation to carry out a thorough WHS investigation to determine why the accident occurred, activities that led up to the accident, what controls could be implemented to prevent the accident happening again, and who was responsible for the accident.

Larger companies with their own WHS departments struggle to complete accurate and transparent investigations, that’s why it is important to call on the AHR team to support your workplace investigations, who have the specialised knowledge you need to keep your employees safe.

Hazardous Manual Tasks Assessments

An assessment involves examining the characteristics of the hazardous manual task to assess whether the forces, movements and postures undertaken by the worker increase their risk of musculoskeletal disorders. If hazardous tasks are identified, we can conduct tailored Manual Handing training for your staff both in person and online. We will work together to ensure your employees are working in a safe environment, and are trained to work safely in your business environment. 

Disaster Plans

The AHR team will visit your work site to assess potential workplace risks and prepare a thorough disaster plan for your staff to follow in the event of a disaster.

The plan will include two aspects, the first will allow your workplace to have a high level of preparedness for an event including having emergency supplies in place and ther ability to prepare and communicate with others i.e your employees who can be briefed in relation to a potential disaster.

You will also receive a detailed and well managed Disaster Plan to ensure you are in a position to act quickly and effectively for your employees should this be needed. 

Further WH&S Services

– Fit for Work Assessments

– Asbestos Risk Assessments

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