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HR and workplace relations have become extremely complex, and navigating the legal issues often requires specialist assistance.

Assurance HR are here to get in the trenches with you. We have experienced HR staff who can come to your workplace and run disciplinary meetings, conduct dismissals, and navigate the complexities of Industrial Relations, ensuring compliance in every area.  

The Fair Work Ombusdman has a number of steps that must be followed in specific order in IR cases. As a small busines owner it’s easy to find yourself missing steps, or not handling things the right way, which can lead to your decisions being legally overturned.  

On a personal level, as a small business in a small team it’s much harder to reprimand an employee and then work alongside them that afternoon or the next day.  Assurance HR will come in as an external third party that has no relationship or emotional connection with any of the parties, and ensure the process is followed according to current legislation. 

How We Can Help

Fair Work Representation

We will represent your business to the workplace regulators in matters of unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination claims, equal opportunities claims or any other workplace relations situations, and advise you in relation to compliance investigations.

Workers Compensation

We can liase with doctors, assist with return to work plans, and agreements on meaningful duties. We can cover all areas of Workers Compensation Claims from the time the application is made through to completion, and save you valuable time in not having to add it to your workload.  

IR Advice and Internal Representation

We’ll advise you on matters relating to performance management, disciplinary action, and matters pertaining to sick or injured workers. We can also conduct workplace meetings, and represent you in internal IR matters.

We can also help you develop and implement IR strategies, including redundancies, contracting, and restructuring.

Claim Investigation

We’ll do the leg-work in incident investigations (e.g. responding to complaints of harassment, discrimination or bullying).

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