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We help you recruit and retain the best people


Together we’re growing and future proofing your business


We will help you to attract, select, develop and retain the employees you need to reach your business goals.

We know that attracting the best applicants can be difficult in a competitive environment and quite costly. 

AHR has a proven track record of recruiting and onboarding the right person for businesses, and taking the guess-work out of recruitment. According to Forbes Magazine, the cost of an unsuccessful appointment can be equivalent of 30% of the employee’s first years’ earnings, and business surveys record that over 90% of business owners admit to having employed the wrong person at least once. 

Our talented and Tasmanian based HR Consultants can help you make innovative and strong recruitment decisions by working with you,  and handling the recruitment process right from the beginning. The AHR team has extensive knowledge and are well connected in the current marketplace with a strong understanding of the current economy and community, ensuring we can deliver a successful recruitment campaign for you. You will not need to spend time creating job advertisements, a Position Description and Employment Agreement or reviewing award rates, we will be your in house recruitment team!

We know from experience that each individual organisation has specific needs or requirements when recruiting new team members, with this in mind the AHR team will design a flexible and customised package specific to your recruitment needs. When working with the AHR team, you will have exclusive access to our online Recruitment Advertising platform to again elevate the recruitment search and success for your new team member. 

We want to see your business grow and meet your strategy, to do this it is vitally important to retain, develop and build the talent within your new and current teams. The AHR team can assist with Performance Development, training and retention.

Call us today to discuss a competitive recruitment proposal on 1800 577 515 or book a free consultation and let’s get started on recruiting your new team member. 


Recruitment and termination

From the initial strategic planning to hire new staff, through to interviews, pre employment health assessments and staff onboarding, we can help. We know a thorough recruitment and smooth onboarding process for a new team member supports a successful employee pathway.

The AHR team are well positioned and qualified to support performance issues or employee termination where required. We understand this is an area that can be quite complex and difficult for businesses to manage, call us today and let us take away the stress!

HR Packages, Reviews and Reports

Have you reviewed your HR processes recently? The AHR team are here to help, as your HR support team we will conduct a strategic HR review and report, audit HR documentation and processes, create and manage your position descriptions, KPI’s and HR packages.

Compliance issues

Employee documentation has never been more important. Get in touch with the AHR team today for all your, employment contracts, individual flexibility agreements, National Employment Standards, modern award determination for staff and management, classification and setting wages rates and payment procedures. Maintaining compliance can be challenging in our current world, contact the AHR team for a HR review today and be assured that we will provide a service that ensures your business is compliant in to the future.

Workplace policies and procedures

With ever changing workplace legislation, call on the AHR team to work with you to develop tailored workplace policies and procedures, provide drafts for legislative policies, and implement workplace policy communication methods. When your business has an up to date suite of workplace policies and procedures, you are minimising risk within your business.

Staff Training and performance reviews

We want to ensure you get the most from your team members and continue to provide a positive workplace culture. We will work with you to deliver performance reviews and train your team on how to conduct reviews and the importance of this process in both managing staff and retaining staff. Our team can also provide development training both in house and online, that incorporates a superior reporting feedback system.

workers compensation management

Workers Compensation claims within your business can be stressful when trying to manage paperwork and conversations.  The AHR team can liaise with doctors, assist with return to work plans, and agreements on meaningful duties. Our team can cover all areas of Workers Compensation Claims from the moment the application is made through to completion of the claim. The AHR team are here to save you valuable time.



personalised support

We will appoint your own Tasmanian and locally based HR Consultant to provide professional advice and support to you and your team.

You will not have to endure any call centre conversations when working with the AHR team.

Big Business advice in small business language

The AHR team understand HR practices and terminology can be very involved and at times confusing. That is why we provide corporate level advice in a way that small business owners can understand and relate to.

As we achieve your business strategy, and your business grows and develops, we have the ability to upscale our services to meet your business needs.


We are Tasmanians, primarily helping Tasmanians.

We understand the local business environment and the issues local businesses face. That’s why working with the AHR team will provide you the knowledge and support you need to continue to grow your business and team