workplace training

Ensure your employees, Management and Board are trained in all workplace policies and procedures.


AHR will work with you to tailor Workplace Training Modules specific to your business environment and to current legislation requirements.


Investing in your team and providing a safe workplace is a key leadership and business priority.

Workplace Training is an essential and vital component of ensuring you as a business leader are supplying a safe workplace for your team. It is important to ensure your workplace policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and updated accordingly to legislation amendments. Business leaders have a duty of care to ensure all employees carry the knowledge and posses full understanding of workplace policies and procedures to ensure employees are supported and understand reporting processes.

Professional workplace training will help assist in the prevention of unprofessional behaviour in the workplace, and fosters a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace culture. Recently the Federal Government has introduced changes to provide greater clarity of an employer’s role and responsibility towards the safety of its employees, this is a result of the Respect @ Work recommendations. This has resulted in extensive updates to workplace legislation that will continue to be updated throughout the year, and will require businesses to ensure they are providing relevant training to all employees.

The AHR team will tailor training for all levels of your team and deliver the training either in person or online. Each employee in attendance who complete the training will receive certification of completion.

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sexual harassment prevention training

This module will provide training to your Employees, Managers and Board in relation to Sexual Harassment and its prevention in the workplace.

Particpants at the training will understand the definition of Sexual Harassment, why your Sexual Harassment Policy exists, a knowledge of the law and upcoming changes, and have the capacity at the completion of the training to define sexual harassment, explaining the differing elements and behaviours that are acknowledged and respected as unlawful in Australian Workplaces. Participants will also identify Employee, Contractor and Volunteer responsibilities in consideration of sexual harassment in the workplace, and most importantly all staff will have a full understanding of the reporting and investigation process.

Manual handling Training

The safety of all employees, visitors and contractors in your workplace is paramount. This module will ensure all participants upon training completion display a clear understanding of the basic Workplace Health and Safety and Manual Handling laws, a basic knowledge of how your spine works, an understanding of manual handling risk assessments, recognise hazardous manual handling, and most importantly will assist staff in how to reduce employee risk of injury.

Bullying and harassment training

This module will provide training to your Employees, Managers and Board in relation to Bullying and Harassment and it’s prevention in the workplace.

Participants will have a complete understanding of the definition of bullying and harassment, and work through workplace scenarios, utilising policy and scenarios to understand the Employer’s and Employees’ role in the prevention of this behaviour.

At completion of the training, all staff will be in a position to accurately identify inappropriate behaviours within scenarios and to determine the suitable response in consideration of position, policy, and process.

complaints and grievances training

This module will provide training to your team providing a comprehensive understanding of why the Complaints and Grievance Policy exists and how it assists in the management and efficient resolution of workplace conflicts.

Employee expectations in accordance with Policy and relevant aspects of the Professional Code of Conduct will be discussed, with the outcome of the training ensuring each employee has an acquired understanding of the workplace Complaints and Grievances process and policy in accordance with legislative requirements. 

Each employee will have the capacity to identify worker responsibilities in the circumstance of a workplace grievance or complaint, and the ability to recognise and define characteristics of the term ‘conflict of interest’, and associated workplace expectations, the complaint process and associated law.  


This module will provide training to your team in relation to Discrimination and Victimisation in the workplace. The outcome of the training will ensure all participants have the capacity to define what is meant by the terms ‘Discrimination’ and ‘Victimisation’, and the ability to recognise the differing characteristics that are disrespectful and harmful in the workplace. 

Employees will have an understanding of why ‘Discrimination and Victimisation Policies’ exist and how they assist in the prevention, management and resolve of workplace issues and incidents.

Employees will also have the knowledge to identify responsibilities within the prevention and intervention of discrimination and victimisation in the workplace. 

Employees will understand the Employer responsibility to maintain a safe working environment free from discrimination and victimisation, as is reasonably possible.


This module will provide an understanding of why the Robbery Policy exists and how it assists in the prevention of Robberies through employee awareness and process. 

Employees will have the ability to recognise and define the individual components of the CCOP response strategy, and hold the knowledge required to implement the CCOP strategy in the event of a robbery, with an awareness of how this strategy aims to increase the safety of all involved. 

At completion of the training, employees will have an explicit awareness that any suspicious behaviour should be reported to management and then further pursued, within a proactive approach.

Training for NDIS Organisations

The AHR team has extensive experience working with NDIS organisations. We understand there are particular workplace requirements and processes in place within the sector. Speak with the team today in relation to your training needs.

Policy induction

With many tasks to be completed when inducting new employees and managers to your workplace, workplace policy induction can often be overlooked. Leave it to the AHR team to organise your Policy Induction and training requirements, we will ensure your staff are fully inducted to workplace policies, and can lead and manage your business policies in the workplace.  Policy induction is a critical component within the onboarding process, and will safeguard your business from potential loss in the future.

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