5 Fun Christmas Party Ideas

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The annual Christmas Party and general holiday festivities have seen some disruption over the past few years due to the pandemic, it is a welcomed change for employers alike to be planning some well deserved annual celebrations this year. Unfortunately, the common tendency to fuel these events with alcohol often leads to unfortunate incidents and poor displays of behaviour from some employees.

In a previous article, ‘What Employers Need to Know This Christmas Season: Work Social Events’, we discussed the do’s and don’ts for Christmas Parties, in particular how to host an event responsibly and to prevent circumstances of employer liability. Subsequently, we now want to give you some fun Christmas party ideas for your festive events that will see your employees enjoying themselves whilst bonding and team building without the incidents or drama.

5 Fun Ideas:

1. Christmas Trivia Night

Place employees into teams and conduct a quiz event in reference to Christmas/holiday related questions such as food, traditions, customs, movies etc. Each team is seated together and given a buzzer or bell, the quickest team to answer correctly wins each round.

2. Visit a Local Attraction

Organise a trip to visit a local tourist attraction, such as a ghost or museum tour, or a botanical gardens luncheon.

3. Food Van Feast

Hire a Food Van to visit the office carpark or plan a time and location where employees will gather to socialise and enjoy some of the best local street food. In fact, no need to stop at food vans as there are many mobile businesses around such as photo booths, DJ’s and more.

4. Silent Disco

Hire a DJ, ask employees to B.Y.O headphones (or provide some) and host a silent disco. Onlookers will see a room full of people dancing and singing along to their favourite tunes, to what seems to be silence. Furthermore, this is a versatile activity that can be hosted at the office in hours or can be held at a hired venue after hours.

5. Creative Session

Hire someone to come to the office or organise a host venue and have all employees partake in a creative class! Activities can vary from Paint and Sip, cooking classes (specifically Christmas foods), pottery for beginners, Christmas decoration making, floral arranging, mosaic classes and more!

If you are planning a work Christmas Party or event and have any queries in relation to safety or liability, we can give you advice to guide you in the right direction. Alternatively, if you are finding the ‘silly season’ particularly busy and would like some assistance in organising your HR and WHS prior to the new year, the Assurance HR Management team can aid in relieving this workload. Call us today on 1800 577 515 and let us discuss how we can ease your woes and see you start the new year efficiently!

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