3 Reasons Businesses Should Start 2024 Recruitment Now 

by Dec 5, 2023All Posts, Human Resources, Recruitment

Data and statistics from the likes of Seek and Indeed, have found that every January sees an increase in job advertisements posted and a spike in workers looking or thinking about a new job for the New Year. It is the season to be job hunting, therefore as an employer you need to start thinking about your recruitment needs early, to give you a compelling start over other businesses. Remember, there are many candidates out there, but you want to attract the right ones.  

Quality Requires Time 

In considering your hiring process early you afford yourself more time to initiate a quality effort that will attract candidates that are a better fit for your business and needs. With such a pool of candidates looking in the months surrounding the New Year, you want your advertisement and approach to stand out! By doing so, you also avoid the likelihood of rushing and compromising on selecting quality candidates.  

Waiting Increases Hiring Pressure 

Who really wants to return to work after the Christmas break in a frenzy to initiate the recruitment and onboarding process? You may return to work relaxed but this will soon change as you try to manage your usual tasks alongside all that encompasses recruitment. Rushing to hire often leads to subpar hires. This comes as a result of the increased pressure to hire someone ‘immediately’, giving no additional time to find the ‘right’ candidate, and will often see your recruitment efforts poor.  

Early Bird Catches the Worm 

The data is inconclusive that job seekers are looking over the Christmas period and into early January. If you have drafted or completed recruitment items such as position descriptions and job advertisements prior to the New Year, then you put yourself ahead of the competition, allowing potential candidates to see your advertisement before committing elsewhere. Most companies will wait until they return from holidays to commence the recruitment process, don’t be one of them. Instead, start organising this now and improve your chances of finding and retaining the highly sought after talent.  

Recruiting new staff is a stressful and time-consuming activity and we know that December is already that for many of us, both professionally and personally. We encourage you to call our team on 1800 577 515 to discuss how we can help to alleviate some of this pressure with our expertise in crafting position descriptions and advertisements, and ability to conduct quality interviewing and candidate selection utilising our specialised techniques. 

The AHR team can equip you with the advice, tools, and templates required to see your business make innovative and strong recruitment decisions. We can do it with you, working together to develop an overarching framework that will ensure you handle the recruitment process properly from the beginning, hiring team members most suited to your organisation and specific needs. OR, we can do it for you, stepping in as your Recruitment Specialists, customising a recruitment package specific to your needs, using our strong community connections and expertise to campaign and deliver you with the most suitable candidates.  

For more information visit our Recruitment Services page or read our articles, 8 Recruitment Strategies Often Missed on your Hunt for a Stand-Out Employee and Why Use AHR to Recruit Your New Team Members? 

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