Why Use AHR to Recruit Your New Team Members? 

by Nov 10, 2023All Posts, Human Resources

Since the pandemic recruitment needs have gone from a dramatic plummet to skyrocketing, creating a massive surge in the recruitment space. This has created a recruitment spike and a worker shortage, with many of us hearing from employers and management alike, ‘where have all the workers gone?’ As the need for workers rises, so does the need to employ them via means that are affordable, flexible, and efficient, and this is where the AHR Team can help you.  

Often, we find businesses reacting to resignation or a surge in workplace activity which leads to a ‘rushed’ and ‘need to hire now’ mindset. This is reactive and ineffective behaviour, which leads to valuable steps being missed within the recruitment process, ultimately leading to poor quality hires. Outsourcing recruitment and utilising the services of AHR has the capacity to eliminate such occurrences, whilst reducing the likelihood of recruiting unsuitable candidates.

Why use AHR? 

Training and Support 

Within our many services we offer workplace training in person and online. By attending our ‘Recruitment Training Program’ we can equip you with the skills to run a fair campaign whilst attracting the best talent. Our team of specialists can assist you with any queries that you may have and advise you in the direction of legislative compliance, best practice, and flexibility within approach as you navigate the workload that encompasses the recruitment process.  

Faster and Better Hires 

We can work with you, collaborating to develop a customised and flexible recruitment campaign and package that enables us to recruit suitable and quality candidates on your behalf. We will utilise our expert knowledge of the recruitment process, from the development of quality position descriptions to our strategic interviewing techniques, to help you find the best candidates that show promise to excel long term as a member of your team.    

Efficient and Productive 

To hire and upkeep a recruitment team can be a costly and timely endeavour. This is a particular concern for small businesses that need to remain focused upon product development and service. It makes sense to outsource, using a team that have proven recruitment expertise and success.  

We often encounter workplaces that have workers undertaking recruitment within a dual role, such as administration and recruitment. In our experience this is usually ineffective, as worker focus is compromised and somewhere along the way responsibilities and expectations are not met, reducing the overall workplace productivity and recruitment success.

By letting the AHR specialists assist you, stepping in as a third-party, we can save you time and money as we implement our expertly devised, effective and efficient recruitment processes. This will see you relieved of tasks such as, job advertising, candidate interviewing and selection, pre-employment onboarding and new hire inductions. 

The AHR team can equip you with the advice, tools, templates, and checklists required to see your business make innovative and strong recruitment decisions. We can do it with you, working together to develop an overarching framework that will ensure you handle the recruitment process properly from the beginning, hiring team members most suited to your organisation and specific needs. OR, we can do it for you, stepping in as your Recruitment Specialists, customising a recruitment package specific to your needs, using our strong community connections and expertise to campaign and deliver you with the most suitable candidates. 

Call us today to discuss a competitive recruitment proposal on 1800 577 515 and we will get started on recruiting your new team member(s) immediately.

For more information visit our Recruitment Services page or read our article on 8 Recruitment Strategies Often Missed on your Hunt for a Stand-Out Employee.  

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