Are You Prepared? Upcoming Changes to the Childrens Services Award

by Oct 14, 2022All Posts, Modern Awards, Uncategorized

In response to the Fair Work Commissions 4 Yearly Modern Award review, upcoming changes have been determined for Education Leaders working within the Childrens Services Award 2010.

An Education Leader is a childcare employee that is responsible for the design, implementation, and review of developmental and educational programs for children attending childcare services. As defined in the Educational and Care Services National Regulations (2011), a suitably qualified and experienced educator must be designated and formally acknowledged within a childcare services establishment.

The upcoming changes will align the Childrens Services Award with those implemented within the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2020. This will see:

  • An Educational Leadership Allowance introduced (Clause 15.8), providing full time Educational Leaders with an allowance of $4022.05 per annum; and
  • Educational Leaders working less than 5 days per week receiving an allowance determined on a pro rata basis.

It is important to note that the allowance amount will increase each year to reflect the amount determined within the Education Services (Teachers) Award 2020.

We advise that you identify the employees within your organisation that will be impacted, and that you schedule a reminder of the wage increase closer to the effective change date to avoid situations of under payment. If you need assistance in defining the pro rata rates of pay, or simply find yourself time poor in undertaking required HR adjustments and processes, it may be time to consider outsourcing. Assurance HR Management have a team of professionals dedicated to making your HR workload easier, contact us today on 1800 577 515 and we will guide you, OR do the work for you!

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