What to expect in an unfair dismissal case

by Oct 9, 2021All Posts, Human Resources

In our last series, we discussed varying aspects around managing staff well, performance, and protecting yourself against future claims of unfair dismissal. This week we’re going to look at the reasons an employee may make a claim of unfair dismissal, and what the process is if it happens.

Please note, this information is general in nature, and a guide only. In the case of a claim being made against you, it’s best to seek proper representation. This is something Assurance HR can help you with.

Tomorrow we’ll kick off with a look at the common reasons for an unfair dismissal claim (be aware of things NOT to do!). Then over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be unpacking the steps that happen, the claim being lodged, conciliation, and hearing.

It’s not a given that all of these will happen. The good news is that the majority of unfair dismissal claims are resolved before they get to the hearing process, whether because both parties have reached a settlement or sort things out during the conciliation process, or the employee withdraws their claim.  

It’s important to remember that just because you’ve had a claim lodged against you it does not mean that you’ve done wrong necessarily. With the right advice and support (a case like this is one of the many reasons people contact Assurance HR) you can approach this problem calmly and with a clear vision and direction, hopefully to a successful outcome.

Facing an unfair dismissal claim? Call Assurance HR today on 1800 577 515.

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