Changes to the Hair and Beauty Industry Award

by Sep 5, 2022All Posts, Modern Awards

All employees working under the Hair and Beauty Industry Award will see extensive changes in response to the 4 yearly Modern Award review, with changes effective from the 9th of August 2022.

Within such, the definition of the Hair and Beauty Industry has been amended to, ‘body massage including high frequency body treatments and other specialised treatments using machinery and other cosmetic applications and techniques’. This rewording has been introduced to allow for a broader coverage of relevant works undertaken within the industry.

In addition, clarification has been made within the part time clause to specify that ordinary part time hours, determined upon employment, can be modified via electronic means. Employers need to be aware of this change as it may impact overtime amounts being paid. 

Adjustments will also be made to tool allowances, with the award now clarifying the inclusion of scissors and other cutting instruments. There will also be modifications to the reimbursement clause, to be inclusive of broader transport services such as Uber and any other future transport services. Within the reimbursement clause it further reiterates that reimbursement for commercial passenger vehicles is only to be used when reasonably necessary of an employee when regular means of transport fails them, and upon agreement between employee and employer.

Most notably, variations will be made to Annual Leave loading, stating that:

  • For the purpose of Annual Leave loading, a relevant weekend penalty amount is the rate usually received per hour of a weekend, minus the minimum hourly rate.
  • When an employee utilises accrued annual leave, loading will be calculated on the Award minimum hourly rates or the applicable apprentice or trainee rates.
  • Annual leave loading received by an employee will be determined by the greater of the following:
    •  17.5% of the employee’s ordinary hours that would have been worked if not on leave; OR
    • The relevant weekend penalty amounts payable to the employee for all ordinary weekend hours they would have worked if not on leave (for the annual leave period taken).

There have also been modifications to the definition of ‘on hire’ employees to help classify those who are covered within the scope of the industry. The award will now explicitly state that the ‘on hire’ employee is performing work FOR the employer, making it easier for employers to determine employee classification for payment.  

Assurance HR Management can assist you to review current employee arrangements in consideration of the mentioned award changes, helping you to appropriately classify and review employee wages, hours, and entitlements. Should you have any questions or queries in relation to the above changes, do not hesitate in calling us on 1800 577 515 for a free consultation.

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