Returning to Work after shut-down

by Oct 9, 2021All Posts, WH&S

If we haven’t said it enough already, what a year it’s been! So many changes to keep up within the workplace, so many variables that employers have never had to think about before, and are suddenly needing to be experts in.

With many businesses returning to normal (or, at least, a little bit more normal) operations, we thought it was time to do a series of blog posts on what happens post-shut-down.

Have you stood down employees and are now looking at re-engaging them? Are your employees working from home, performing different duties, or concerned about what re-entering the traditional workplace looks like?

You’re sure to be faced with a number of decisions and questions from employees at this time. Hopefully our posts this week will help you answer most of them. Remember, also, Assurance HR is only a phone call away! If you want to talk directly about a specific situation, call us any time on 1800 577 515.

These are the topics we’ll be covering this week:

  • What do I need to do to keep my employees (and customers) safe?
  • Returning from stand-down, your questions answered 
  • JobKeeper enabling directions and how to change them           
  • When people aren’t at work – your rights and theirs     
  • Working from home, the new normal?
  • People again! What’s the go with Face to face interactions?

Have questions? Assurance HR is here to help. Give our team a call on 1800 577 515.

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