Focus on what you do best (outsource the rest)

by Oct 9, 2021All Posts, Human Resources

Bookkeeper. HR specialist. Graphic designer. Copywriter. Marketing guru. Manager. Often as a small business owner, you’re expected to be all of these things, and more, as well as doing the thing you wanted to do when you went into business! Sometimes you can handle it all, but there will be times when it’s simply not possible. When that happens, the best thing you can do to grow your business effectively is to outsource some of the extra tasks.

Outsourcing is an effective way of growing a business, and with the access and variety of outsourcing available to businesses today, it helps small businesses compete in the same playing field as big corporations.

The benefits of outsourcing

Often in a small business employees are asked to take on many different roles, some of which may be outside of their skillset and experience. This can create extra stress for people, and also hinder their professional growth. When you expect too much from your staff that’s outside of their regular role it can also lead to them feeling less engaged with their work, and over time your business will suffer.

By outsourcing jobs as required instead of hiring new staff each time, you’re also freeing up cash flow for the business, giving you added resources to invest in other areas of growth.

Where do I find people?

Websites such as FiverrUpwork, and Freelancer allow you to browse any number of freelancers in a huge variety of areas, view their portfolios and read reviews of their work. You can engage people for a single job or for ongoing work, depending on what you need. Assurance HR can provide you with a large range of business services also, from business compliance checks, workplace health and safety, recruiting new staff, training you in HR or other business software, first aid training and more. Check out the list of services we offer here.

Outsource your HR

You don’t need to do it yourself. Workplace law has become increasingly complicated in recent years, and many business owners either aren’t aware of compliance legislation, or struggle to make sense of it, and understand how it applies to their situation. Modern awards are changing regularly, creating extra levels of paperwork and redeveloping systems.

Outsourcing your HR and WHS needs makes sense to any small business owner. Assurance HR is here for exactly that purpose, to be the HR department that you don’t have. We’d love to help you! Call our team today on 1800 577 515, and have a chat about how Assurance HR can help you.

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