Fire Safety

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Operating a business is very time consuming and ensuring your business is compliant with fire safety and all the Rules and Regulations can be confusing.


We can supply, install and service all forms of Fire Fighting & Fire Safety Equipment.

Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Signs, Fire Blankets, Emergency Lights, Fire Hose Reels, Exit Lights, Warden Vests & Hats, Torches, First Aid Kits, Fire Doors, Smoke Alarms, & Emergency Evacuation Packs.


We carry out all site inspections to ascertain if a building is compliant with SafeWork Tasmania, Australian Standards, The Work Health and Safety Act & Regulations, The Tasmania Fire Service Act & Regulations, The Building Code of Australia, specifically Regulation 47 which deals with the Essential Safety and Health Measures and Features. If the building is not compliant, we can instigate remedial works to ensure that the current Legislation and Regulations are met.


All commercial buildings in Tasmania are required to comply with the Work Health & Safety Act and Regulations, SafeWork Tasmania, Australian Standards, and the Tasmania Fire Service.


We can prepare and ensure TFS approval of the Workplace Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures showing escape routes, assembly areas, location of portable fire fighting equipment, and fire reporting equipment. We can organise and conduct the required annual practice evacuation with or without the Tasmania Fire Service Present, chair the debrief afterward and provide a written report.


We deliver competency-based training courses for Fire Safety, Fire Fighting Equipment, Wardens, and Chief Wardens roles and responsibilities either on-site or via E-Learning. We will visit the site, look at the Workplace Emergency Response Procedures and design the training around the procedures.

Often overlooked, fire safety is an important part of maintaining your business and the safety of your employees and customers. Ensuring your business is compliant with fire safety regulations can seem overwhelming and confusing. At Assurance HR Management, we take the time to ensure that your company is up to date with all forms of Fire Safety Equipment. Fire is a very dangerous thing and fire safety must not be ignored within your business. AHR offers many forms of fire safety that will make sure your business is safe in case of an emergency. We supply, install and service all forms of Fire Fighting and Fire Safety Equipment (including, but not limited to: fire extinguishers, emergency signs, fire blankets, etc.) AHR also offers Fire Safety Audits, Fire Drills (which are Tasmanian Fire Services approved), Training Courses for using the Fire Safety Equipment, and competency-based training courses for the Fire Warden and Chief Warden on-site. At AHR, we want everybody to go home safely to their families, and our Affiliate works hard to ensure this. In understanding the costs and difficulties in running a business, AHR has dramatically reduced the cost of creating an Emergency Plan. This will make it easier to become compliant with Fire Safety and get the mandatory Form 56 for your business.

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