COVID -19 – What Businesses Need to Consider

by Feb 2, 2022All Posts, Covid 19

As Tasmanian Borders have now opened to interstate visitors it is foreseeable that COVID-19 cases will rise. This increased visitor and customer activity will see more businesses choose to increase COVID-19 preventative measures, such as set conditions of entry or access subject to vaccination status.

There has already been an increase in workplace hostility in response to the current mandated control measures implemented across the country, such as mandatory check in upon entry to public areas. This will only increase as we see borders open and more businesses increasing personal protective measures and limiting service to the fully vaccinated, requesting proof of vaccination prior to facility/establishment entry.

At this point in time, not being vaccinated is not an attribute covered by anti-discrimination laws, and therefore businesses have the right to safely implement this condition in consideration of public and workplace safety. However, businesses need to ensure that workplace procedure is considerate of circumstantial reasoning for individuals not being vaccinated and to provide reasonable adjustments to accommodate those with certified and valid reasoning. AHR can assist you with the development of conditions and corresponding procedures, ensuring that these comply with both privacy and discrimination laws, and public health requirements.

The introduction of set conditions in your workplace will see a change to employee role and workplace operation. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure risk assessments are conducted to comply with best practice and workplace health and safety. There are many areas that need to be considered in response to workplace adjustments, such as the introduction of procedures and training for managing hostile interactions, the development of Emergency Plans for threatening behaviour, workplace stress management strategies, adaption of employee role in consideration of preference and suitability to regulating duties, increased contact tracing initiatives, and more.

The AHR Team have helped many businesses to navigate the constantly changing HR and WHS issues that surround COVID-19 with expertise in the development of Risk Assessments, Conditions of Entry, Schedules, Safety and Emergency Plans and more. Call us today on 1800 577 515 to discuss your business specific needs with one of our senior management consultants.

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