Workplace Health and Safety

Keeping your team safe in the workplace is very important

One of the hardest things to accomplish is ensuring there is an appropriate number of first aid kits

Maintaining the safety and security of your workplace should be an ongoing priority

Businesses such as warehouses, offices, and manufacturing plants all require different styles of first aid kits.

In addition, the number of kits available in a specific area may vary depending upon the number of workers and the size of the area.

Most important, however, is the need to have processes in place to keep the First Aid Kits fully stocked with up-to-date content, replacing out-of-date items as they expire.

AHR can ensure you have the correct number of kits, strategically placed within the workplace, and the appropriate processes are in place to keep kits stocked and current.

One of our trained consultants will visit the workplace on a regular basis, ensuring you have what you need should an injury or illness occurs.

Call us on 1800 577 515 to arrange for our team to ensure your first aid kits are up to date and are kept up to date.


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We will appoint your own, personal point of contact to help and advise you. Not fob you off to the first person that answers the phone at the call centre.

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We provide Corporate Level advise in a way the Small Business owners can understand and relate to.

Plus we have the ability to upscale our services as your business grows and develops.

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We are Tasmanians, primarily helping Tasmanians.

We understand the local environment and the issues local businesses face.

From Our Principal


Other HR companies talk about how they will stand behind and support you. But do they really know what it takes to run a small business?

Do they understand what you have to go through each and every day? We Do!

You see, before seeing the need that small businesses had in this area, I ran a successful small business for over 15 years.

I have been where you are. And with a team boasting similar experience totalling over 100 years, I can promise you we will not stand behind you, we will stand with you shoulder to shoulder, providing the best advice and support at a price the big companies will not match.

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