If you’re struggling to find out what really happens when you have a serious WHS accident, then perhaps it’s time that you let a professional, external company handle your WHS investigations.

Whenever you have a serious workplace injury or accident, you have an obligation to do a thorough WHS investigation to determine why the accident occurred, what led up to the accident, what controls could be implemented to prevent the accident happening again, and who was responsible for the accident.

Not only that, but Safe Work Australia also requires that workplace accidents which it determines to be of a severe nature. These are known as ‘notifiable incidents,’ and the definition of notifiable varies from state to state. It’s essential to check with your state’s regulatory body to determine what and what isn’t notifiable.

Why External Investigations Make Sense

Whenever an incident or accident occurs, there is always a certain amount of avoidance regarding who is to blame or who’s at fault. It’s never easy for small businesses to do a thorough and independent investigation, and even larger companies with their own WHS departments struggle to complete accurate and transparent investigations.

Not only that but when any workplace accident becomes notifiable, there’s a long list of documents and evidence which must be supplied to Safe Work Australia. These notifiable incident reports can be extremely time-consuming, demanding, and detailed. Not only that, but they must be submitted within a specific time limit, and there is a set of procedures that need to be followed.

For small companies trying to manage accidents and investigations, it can be a massive drain in resources, including human resources, time, and money. If you need assistance with any WHS investigations, then Assurance HR is here to help.

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