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We know business. Our team have worked and or served in every aspect of businesses, churches and Not-for-Profit organisations as listed below – so we know it from the inside out!  Talk to our team to see how we can assist and release you to be all you can be.


Small Business

We understand the struggle of small business. You probably built your business based on your skills or maybe your hobbies – even things you are good at!  You cannot be expected to know everything, that’s why you have an Accountant, Bookkeeper or Solicitor.  We are there to support you with your questions and ensure you have a handle on the things that need addressing, whilst still assisting you to grow.

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Medium Business

When you grow to the size of a “Medium Sized Business” the game changes in a lot of ways.  Fair Work Legislation changes when you get to 15 Employees, just to name one. Basically, there are simply more issues when you are an organisation of this size.  Staff become harder to manage and you can spend all of your time focused on ‘Staff Issues”.  That’s where we come in, either as your HR team or to have one of our team fill in for your employee whilst they are away.  You only need engage us for the time you actually need us each month.

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As a franchisor, a franchise owner, or as a potential franchise owner you need to make sure you have all of your bases covered, especially when it comes to owning or managing a franchise or Master Franchise.  We know the unique issues that are associated with owning a franchise or the Master Franchise and are able to assist both Franchisees and Franchisors ensuring they have the level of support required to give them peace of mind in respect to Fair Work Compliance and HR Best Practice.



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We assist churches, para-church organisations and other religious entities understand their obligations as an organisation with volunteers, employees and independent contractors.  We ensure they know their legal obligations around volunteering and creating safer environments for the more vulnerable members of their congregation.


There are many complexities to running a retail business. The hardest is the potential high turnover of staff. Employees tend to come and go and sometimes even come back (but that is rare!)

We can assist you to minimize staff turnover with programs for staff retention and assist with HR Compliance and Workforce Management.


Like churches, Not-for-Profit organisations must deal with complex legislation around recruiting, performance managing and terminating it’s volunteers, employees and independent contractors.  We assist NFP’s understand its obligations and assist to set up the systems and processes it needs in order to be compliant.