Shareyourdrive has developed an iOS and Android App to function with GPS devices that allows the consumer to:

Track unlimited vehicles – motorcycles, cars, 4WD’s and machinery.

Set unlimited Geofence with notification function  Geo-fencing (geofencing) is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFDI) to define geographical boundaries.

Disable ignition (Premium)

Ignition on and off notifications and realtime display of status – (Premium) can be added to Regular level – extra installation costs.

Display current location based on GPS+AGPS+LBS positioning with location address.

View history of notifications

View history trips


Up to date location see where your vehicle is at anytime. Easy setup of location zones, so if your vehicle moves you are notified Immeditalty. Fast and simple installtion. History of notifications such as enter and exit Geofence. Free Android and iPhone Apps


All the features of Regular Level  but enhanced protection with ignition disable. Immediate notification if ignition is turned on. Park your vehicle and with one button press disable the ignition. Adds protection against anyone starting your vehicle.

Reliable, high quality GPS tracking device * *
Keep track of vehicle 24/7 * *
Professional installation by approved installer * **
12 Months limited warranty * *
Simple to use powerful software * *
Free to download from iTunes or Playstore * *
Continual feedback on location and ignition state ** *
Create unlimited Geofences (Geofences are a radius created from a location) * *
If vehicle is stolen the ignition can be disabled (NOTE: vehicle must be below 4 kmh) *
When ignition is started an alert will be received * *
When your vehicle goes outside the Geofence you will receive an alert * *

** If wired during installation