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We offer regular 1-hour training sessions for both managers and employees in the following areas:

Manager 101 Training

Basic award interpretation. Performance management training. How to have difficult conversations. Time management.

This training session gives Managers a brief overview on the fundamentals required to effectively manage their teams. Ran either in house or online, this session covers topics such as performance management and how to have difficult conversations, while also touching on skills such as effective time management. Manager will leave this session motivated and confident, ready to implement the new skills they have learnt into their everyday work.

Policy Manual Training for Employees

A company’s HR policy manual has no effectiveness if employees are not aware of it and trained in its content. Recent case decisions handed down by the Fair Work Commission have demonstrated that it’s not enough to just have policies in place; businesses must also be able to demonstrate their employees have read and understood the policy content as well. This is achievable by training employees on policy content, and testing their knowledge after the fact. A quiz at the completion of this training session will safeguard your business from failing to demonstrate employees are aware of your standards and expectations.

Policy Manual Training for Managers

Policy manual training for Managers is essential to:

 – confirm they understand the Company’s expectations of them and their teams

 – allow them to effectively model and demonstrate appropriate behaviours; and

 – reinforce the Company policies where necessary.

This session enables Managers to gain an understanding of each policy and its content, and will include a quiz at the completion of the session to validate their understanding.

Recruitment Training

Can you say with 100% confidence that your Managers know what they can and can’t say during a recruitment process? Are you aware of the potential risks for you and your business if they get this wrong? Our recruitment training session will:

 – highlight the risks associated with a poorly run recruitment process

– show you how to run a fair and thorough campaign; and

 – lead you in the right direction with tips on how to attract the best talent for your business.

Leadership Training  

How to be a great leader and how to get the best out of your team.

A great leader can make or break a small business. Let us guide your most important people leaders to success by demonstrating the required skills to be an effective and influential leader within their team. This session covers fundamental leadership skills with live examples and role plays, and gives your team a chance to put themselves in the shoes of their people by learning about what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what they could do better.

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