One of the biggest struggles modern organisations face is building a culture where people want to come to work and clients love coming there time, after time, after time….

Every time you add someone to the team or another leaves, the culture of your organisation can change.  It’s called the ripple effect

We spend over 1800 hours per year with the same group of people each day. Dealing with the same people day after day.  They become like family and in some cases you may spend more time when your colleagues than you do with your own family!  In families, some days you love members of your family, other days you choose to love them.  Similarily, some days you get along with colleagues, some days you don’t.  What happens when you don’t?  How do you manage the conflict, is at all?

What is your workplace culture?  Is it good or is it bad?

How is each member of your team affecting your culture?  What can you do to change it?  Our team is experienced in dealing with the foundations that make culture great.

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