Assurance HR Management is a Tasmanian based company that works with and for innovative workplace situations. AHR partners with specialists who are skilled in various areas of expertise. These include Human Resources, Security, Mystery Shopping, Training, Recruitment, Insurance and Drug Testing. AHR is committed to delivering the best type of service they can provide, ensuring a high standard of customer service, knowledge and accountability. As the modern world expands and the workplace climate evolves, businesses are required to provide more and more information about every topic their customers ask about. As AHR is involved with many small businesses who do not have the workforce capacity or budget to fund specialists themselves, a Partner Referral Program has been initiated by AHR to give small businesses a welcome option to work with highly trained specialists. AHR helps to assist these specialists by giving access to the services and packages that may or may not be needed for the job. By connecting the business to the relevant specialist, AHR helps to bridge the gap of information that many workplaces find they lack. If you are a professional within your field and are looking for somewhere to help link you with a client that needs your help, AHR can assist you in finding a place to share your expertise within a professional and friendly setting. With a considerable wealth of knowledge shared amongst our specialists, AHR provides a comfortable learning environment that allows development of learning and education while working with our clients. Our friendly environment means that you can learn while on the job and improve your skillset considerably, whilst providing small businesses the opportunities they need to move forwards and grow their company at their own pace and requirements. AHR is always looking for more team members to join their growing staff and welcomes new members.

In this day and age, clients expect you to know everything about every topic.  This is impossible, unless you have a budget and workforce to cover that.  With this in mind we have developed a partner referral program where we assist professionals as an addition to their business at no cost.

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What are the types of organisations we partner with?

  • Accountants

  • Bookkeepers

  • Business Advisors

  • Business Coaches

  • Business Mentors

  • Enterprise & Government

  • Financial Advisors

  • Industry Associations

  • Insurance Brokers

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