We provide the services you need to have your very own HR Department, at a fraction of the cost.

Have you discovered a seemingly endless list of things you must do as a business owner?


With topics such as Compliance, staff performance and the modern awards continually changing, it’s hard to keep on top of what you must do. 

That’s where we can help.  One of our trained professionals will meet with you and do a 90-minute review, looking into many factors that you need to have your head around as a business owner.

We assist businesses of all sizes from SME’s to large organisations and franchises.  We fill in the gaps with your current HR demands, be it a few hours a month, someone to call on in times of need, through to one of our team working within your organisation.

How We Can Help You

HR Consulting

  • Applicant assessment and profiling
  • Application selection
  • Inducting staff on your behalf, or training managers in staff induction
  • Creating Induction Manuals, or assisting you in developing your own

Policies and Procedures

  • Develop policies and procedures specifically tailored for your workplace
  • Implement communication methods to keep staff informed of policy changes and updates
  • Provide legislative policies and procedures (including EEO, Discrimination & Harassment, Grievance, Workplace Bullying and more)

Performance Management

  • Conduct Performance Reviews
  • Provide Performance feedback and systems

HR Compliance

  • Employment Contracts
  • Individual Flexibility Agreements
  • Modern Award Determination Staff and Management Classification
  • Wage Rates & Payslips

Termination & Conciliation

  • Provide advice on dismissing an employee
  •  Complete the written warning forms and termination letters
  • Conduct Termination of Employee Meetings and follow correct Termination procedures
  • Provide exit forms and interview staff as part of an exit strategy

Cloud-based HR Systems

These include management of

  • Best practice tools and templates 
  • Call tracking
  • Centralised records
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Training & Qualifications
  • Workplace health and safety

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