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on-site hrDo you feel as if you need an HR Professional from time to time, but maybe not all the time?  We provide on-site HR Services.  One of our trained HR professionals will come to you business to handle your HR related projects, productivity, issues and activities.

Contracted HR Professionals

We will work with you to arrange a contract that enables enough hours per month at your organisation to make a positive impact, address the HR Issues you have and ensure your organisation isn’t breaking the bank by paying a full-time HR Professional.  A full time professional you simply do not yet require.

Outsourced Arrangements

We come to your place of business to serve as your HR Department.  Our HR Professionals will act as your HR Department to handle all of your HR-related needs.

Have your very own HR Department with trained HR Professionals who are across all areas of HR.

When you have and in house team it is very easy for them to be excellent at the few areas they focus on regularly but then an issue or topic comes from outside the square.  That’s where we come in.  Our team address many different topics over a lot of organisations like yours.  We are across not only the areas your in house team are but also all of those topics they are not.

Projects, Initiatives, and Special Programs

Only need a trained HR Professional for a short period?

Not worth hiring someone to do the role?

Let alone finding someone who is willing to be employed for only a short period of time.

We can help!

Assurance HR Management will help to guide you through your small or large project by being your “HR Angel”.

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