Do you often find yourself thinking “I wish I was a fly on the wall” – being able to see exactly what goes on in your store, especially in relation to customer service by your staff and also your competitor’s staff?

This is where Assurance HR Management can help with a “Mystery Shopper Program”.

Mystery Shopper Program

We provide information gleaned from data collected by our mystery shoppers on how your staff are treating your customers on a daily basis.  You will learn the secret to keeping your customers happy and returning to your store time and time again.

Do I need Mystery Shoppers if I am not in Retail?

The short answer is yes.  Whether you are in retail, professional services or trades, the process is the same.  What level of service am you actually delivering, not what you think you are delivering?

Check out your Competitors

We can also visit your competitor’s stores and assess what they are providing so you can compare your services to theirs, and hopefully ascertain exactly what they are doing, both good and bad.


The Cost

The cost of procuring new customers is six times more expensive than keeping an established customer.  Every time a shopper returns to your store and receives a positive response and excellent customer service, the more chance you have that the customer will recommend you to their friends and family.   Nothing can beat word of mouth advertising.

The whole idea of being in business is to increase sales and attain higher profits.  This will not come to fruition if your customer service is lacking.

Different Ways Mystery Shoppers can be used

  • Face-to-Face
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Web
  • Social Media

Book a consultation today and find out if you are delivering the service and value proposition you believe you are or worse YOUR competitors are doing it better.