Position descriptions

Every Organisation needs position descriptions, regardless of their size


Every role within your organisation needs a detailed position description outlining the expectations of the role.

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When things are unclear you will be happy you spent the time developing your position descriptions!

Position descriptions are an important aspect of any organisation, serving as a crucial piece of documentation. Position descriptions ensure the workforce is properly managed to maintain strong productivity and morale levels. A position description provides a comprehensive overview of all the duties, responsibilities, and expectations associated with a given role in the organisation. It outlines who is responsible for what, how the role fits into the overall organisational structure, and the qualifications necessary to fill the role.

Why you need a position description

For employers, position descriptions can streamline recruitment and onboarding processes and help to ensure new hires are informed about their roles ahead of commencement. They also provide a benchmark against which to assess employee performance and document any changes in job roles or requirements. Finally, having documented position descriptions in place enables the employer to adjust remuneration, based on an individual’s job responsibilities.

While employers can write position descriptions themselves, it is often best to enlist the help of a third-party HR consultant. AHR can provide valuable insight into the needs of the organisation and ensure the position description is accurate and tailored to the job itself. AHR can also advise on any relevant laws or regulations, ensuring that the position description adheres to current legal requirements. This can save time and money while ensuring legal compliance.

Overall, having a well-documented position description in place is essential for any business.

It allows employers

  • to identify and document their needs.
  • make it easier to recruit and onboard new employees.
  • to create compensation packages that reflect their roles.

Engaging the services of AHR will be beneficial, as we can provide valuable advice on creating an accurate and legally compliant position description for the organisation.

7 Helpful Tips for Writing Position Descriptions

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