From time to time, do you need someone you can call to ask a quick question? Perhaps you are unsure whether something you are about to do is right – or whether, by doing it, you could end up before the Fair Work Commission. The rules have changed, and business owners need to know how to be compliant, but it is difficult to find the time to keep up to date.

We offer affordable HR Telephone Support packages

How it works

  • Buy a bank of hours to suit your needs
  • Use them, as you need to, over the course of a year. You can use the whole lot in a week, or over 12 months; it doesn’t matter.
  • Pay the same amount each month and, if you go over, you only pay for the time used. It’s that easy!

When you need our help

Our team will discuss your issue and provide basic advice, where possible, during the telephone call.