Whatever your tech requirements, there’s a program to help make it easy for you!

We can advise you and train you in the right HR software for your needs

Don’t be overwhelmed with options or not knowing where to begin! One of our team can help you identify what your software needs are, and help you get started.The Assurance HR team are experienced in all the main HR software packages on the market today, and are well equipped to advise you in which software is best for your business needs, as well as training you in how to use it.

Assurance HR are accredited partners of Employment Hero, EnableHR and WorkPro.

Whatever your needs are, from payroll, reporting, onboarding, performance management, or recruitment, we can advise you as to the tools best suited to you and your budget, and train your team in their use.

Employment Hero

Employment Hero is a software package that helps small and medium-sized Australian businesses manage HR, payroll, employee engagement and benefits.

We can help you set up your system, explain best practice processes and procedures, plus provide support and advice to ensure you get the most effective use from your software. 

Enable HR

EnableHR is a people-management platform used by businesses to boost performance, take care of compliance and create culture.

Enable HR eases the compliance burden on your HR team and line managers. It empowers businesses to meet the challenges of delivering day-to-day HR and WHS management efficiently and cost effectively. Backed by specialist workplace lawyers, enableHR supports companies of all sizes in the delivery of HR and WHS processes.

Work Pro

Case management software for complaints and HR case tracking. WorkPro can help you monitor progress, or the lack of it, with at-a-glance visibility of your entire workflow – including team activity and deadlines, freeing you and your team to provide exceptional service.

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