Are your Documents compliant with all Australian Government and Industry Standards?

Not sure?  Then you need to be.  You need to know that when you are audited then you will not be fined or imprisoned.


Employment Contracts are a necessary part of ensure a compliant and productive Workforce.  It spells out the relationship between employee and employer.  We have employment contracts covering

  • Full Time Employees
  • Part Time Employees
  • Casual Employees
  • Fixed Term Employees


We have a range of policies that are both required by Australian Legislation and best practice.  These policies spell out the culture and requirements of the organisation.  Policies set up the framework for any good HR Strategy .


Procedures spell out how things like culture and policies are both implemented and played out.  Also a necessary part of a HR Strategy and time should be spent to ensure the wording is correct.  We have a range of pre-written templates to take the pressure off of you.


Checklists need to be implemented so that gaps are closed and exposure to potential litigation is decreased.  Purchase one of our sound, compliant checklists today.


Forms make the whole process work and we have over 40 different forms to ensure you are legally compliant.

Find out why you need from more than 100 compliant documents.  Book a consultation today