Our accredited drug testing technicians can attend your workplace as required to conduct professional testing services.

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Testing is conducted using recently released electronic equipment to interpret drug test results.

Greater accuracy through technology.
Electronic equipment removes the need for drug testing personnel to interpret results by “seeing” far more than the human eye.

Reduced Costs. 
“High-end” electronic equipment should not mean high cost drug testing services. Our competitive pricing will surprise you.

If you want to minimise your input into your drug & alcohol testing program, we recommend using our on-site testing services.

Your employees are one of the most important elements in your business. When you suspect that a staff member is underperforming due to taking illicit drugs, it can be unclear what you can do to confront them. At Assurance HR Management, we understand that initiating a drug test can be complicated and potentially awkward. AHR offers an accredited drug testing service where technicians will attend your workplace and perform professional testing services. AHR can take the pressure off you by conducting our own drug test on your staff, and as we are an outside source there will be no risk of internal bias or interference. Our testing is performed using recent electronic equipment that interprets drug test results on a high-end level. A functioning workplace is one that works together, and AHR understands this. We are discreet when it comes to personal or difficult matters. AHR is committed to helping a workplace run smoothly, and we realise that this means looking out for your employees in all matters of their work.