We constantly hear from organisations that they have great customer service, even if they are customer focussed in their approach.  However, being customer centred is totally different to being customer focused.

Are you truly customer centred?

Customer focused says that you will listen to what the customer has to say, maybe even agree with them, but then decide if you will do anything about their feedback; while customer centred means that you will take on board feedback and actually seek it from your customers, listening to what they have to say and then using that information to build strategies, policies and the basic framework running your organisation.  It may even mean dumping programs that you thought the market wanted, only to replace them with the programs that are actually wanted.

Five Areas that need our focus in a Customer Centred Culture

  • The organisation’s policies, programs and operations are designed with the customer in mind
  • The Customer Service Department must be the business driver of the organisation
  • Clear pathways for feedback are set in place (such as surveys or even a call centre) to gather information, making it as easy as possible for the customer to give feedback
  • Clearly defined performance measures, that are regularly reviewed to ensure they reflect the needs/wants of the customer and best practice for the industry
  • A process of continually finding ways to bridge the gap between your business and your customers, with the ultimate intent of showing genuine commitment to the customer and their experience with your organisation. There are eight different areas that can be measured. They Are:
  • Customer (Insight and Foresight):  Who are your customers now and who could they be in the future
  • Competitor (Insight and Foresight):  Who are your competitors now and who could they be in the future
  • Strategic Alignment: Are all areas of your organisation aligned and functioning well together.
  • Peripheral Vision:  What is going on around your organisation
  • Collaboration:  How is each area of your organisation working together
  • Empowerment:  Has your team been empowered and released to do what they are meant to be doing

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