complianceOne of the first steps in any small to medium organisation’s HR journey is to address the area of HR Compliancy.  Be it addressing issues around

  • Fair Work Act
  • Work Health & Safety Legislation (Federal & State)

Our professional team will develop policies, employment contracts and documentation materials will assist your organisation in not only ensuring that documentation is legally compliant, but also ensuring that any inefficiencies are eliminated.

It is critical that you have the right paperwork in place before you bring in the that staff member.  Clarifying their new role and the expectations placed on them.  We work with you to develop a set of robust and flexible expectations that you, as the employer, can enforce but are not considered over stringent.

We conduct an employment review that includes

  • Review of all current documentation including employment contracts, industrial instruments and internal documentation to understand your organisations needs.
  • Developing robust, legally compliant employment contracts for all staff , including:
    • Full Time Employees
    • Part Time Employees
    • Casual Employees
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Both Fixed Term and Ongoing
  • Developing tailored HR Policies
  • Associated documentation to complete your HR compliance.

This is the first and most important step in your HR journey.

Talk to our team today and speak to us about addressing your HR Compliance and consider under going a HR Compliance Check.