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Christmas is Almost Here – What You Need to Remember 

It is your responsibility as an employer to manage and anticipate worker leave, and on occasion to initiate the need for it to be taken. This usually presents as a challenge as we head into the peak season for the majority of businesses. Whilst some workers are prepared and apply for leave early, others forget and are required to work through. This can be quite troubling, often causing burnout, a decrease in product quality and service, and a rift within workplace culture.

Read our latest blog post to learn how you can reduce the likelihood of this via management and preparation.

The Importance of Making ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ 

A South Australian business was recently fined $44,000 for failing to make ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ upon an employee returning to work post injury, as the court found the employer negligent of appropriately supporting the employee to return in a gradual and positive capacity.

Workers’ compensation management and the return-to-work processes are complex. Even when an injury occurs outside of work, it is an employer’s responsibility to see a positive transition back to the workplace.

Workers Compensation – Handle with Care

Do you know how to effectively manage and communicate with employees that are on workers compensation? The most common issue we encounter in this area is employer mismanagement of employees that are out of action. Often these employees are sitting at home in a ‘return to work’ capacity unbeknownst to the employer, due to inadequate management and communications. 

Managing Injured Employee Relationships for a Smooth Return to the Workplace

An employee being injured can be a stressful time for all involved, only to be exacerbated if the affected employee and employer relationship deteriorates within the employee’s time away from work. It is common to see injured employees apprehensive about returning to work, leading to extensions of anticipated return dates, and additional leave and illness as the lack of support and rehabilitation of injury result in psychosocial suffering. In response, we are going to define how employers can ensure a smooth return to the workplace for all!

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