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3 Reasons Businesses Should Start 2024 Recruitment Now 

Data and statistics from the likes of Seek and Indeed, have found that every January sees an increase in job advertisements posted and a spike in workers looking or thinking about a new job for the New Year. It is the season to be job hunting, therefore as an employer you need to start thinking about your recruitment needs early, to give you a compelling start over other businesses. Remember, there are many candidates out there, but you want to attract the right ones.

Critical Changes to Unpaid Leave and Temporary Shutdowns 

In the past, when a shutdown was approaching, a business would close shop and workers would take time off. Workers in a position to take annual leave would do so, and those that found themselves short would usually take unpaid leave. However, rules have changed...

Christmas is Almost Here – What You Need to Remember 

It is your responsibility as an employer to manage and anticipate worker leave, and on occasion to initiate the need for it to be taken. This usually presents as a challenge as we head into the peak season for the majority of businesses. Whilst some workers are prepared and apply for leave early, others forget and are required to work through. This can be quite troubling, often causing burnout, a decrease in product quality and service, and a rift within workplace culture.

Read our latest blog post to learn how you can reduce the likelihood of this via management and preparation.

Employers – Are you Prepared for Christmas? 

With less than 6 weeks until Christmas, it is well and truly time for employers to have conversations with workers about intentions around the upcoming holiday period. Planning for this will differ amongst businesses, as some industries experience a peak whilst others see a lull or shutdown. Regardless, it always encompasses an onslaught of HR as rosters, wage adjustments, recruitment, onboarding and all associated communications and paperwork are required.

Do not leave it until you are feeling overwhelmed within the Christmas rush. Get ahead of it.

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