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How do you find the right employee in today’s market?

The job market seems to be improving with more employment ads, requests on social media sites and organisations like ours supporting employers being contacted to assist in recruitment. The down side is, it is giving employees’ more choice of where they want to work, so do not expect potential employees to come banging on your door. Talented staff are the most important asset in your business. Having the right talented staff members can make all

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The importance of Inductions

You have just given a prospective employee the good news that they have the job. You tell them you will see them in a week for their first day. You breathe a sigh of relief as you sit back and reflect on the past week of interviews and hope that the successful applicant will be just what the company needs. Did you know that statistically, 22% of staff turnovers occur in the first 45 days

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To Resume or not to Resume – That is the Question

Once upon a time, whenever we looked for a job we put all the skills and experience we could possibly think of into a document called a resume. Its’ only aim was to impress the person interviewing us and convince them that we were the right person for the job. Today, the resume does not seem as important as it used to be. There is a new trend forming that sees prospective employees being hired

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FWIS – Are you compliant?

FWIS is the Fair Work Information Statement! Came into force in January 2010. Every new employee must be given a copy of the FWIS as soon as they start work for an organisation, or as soon as is practicable. The Fair Work Information Statement is one of 10 things listed as part of the NES (National Employment Standards) that is every employee’s right! Have you given a copy of the FWIS to every new employee

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The Right Person for the Job

Recently I read that it costs the same as someone’s salary to replace them, with marketing costs, inductions, interviewing, down time whilst a replacement is found, bringing that person up to speed, to name a few. With this in mind many Employers still seem to “wing it”, spending fifteen minutes in an interview, get a feel for that person, have no structured questions and then make a major decision that will affect their business for

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