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Human Resources

We can can assist with all aspects of your Human Resources (HR) needs.  From the time you are considering putting on your first staff member, through to when the day comes when you need to part company.


Companies sink or swim based on their culture.  Be it their culture internally or the culture they manifest to draw customers.  Culture is not a fix and forget and must be worked on continually.

Security CameraSecurity Cameras

We protect your assets and your wallet by providing a safe and secure environment for your staff, your guests and your customers.  We do everything from providing the hardware through to creating the safe environment you were wanting.

Online Training Courses

We have a comprehensive range of online training, allowing you to study what you want, when you want it.  We also can deliver structured training programs in house or at our training facilities.

Law at Work
Work Health Safety

Law at Work

9 Courses

Compliance Essentials

7 Courses

The S.A.F.E Files

8 Courses

We know business!

Whether it be a small corner shop, a not-for-profit organisation, religious organisation, franchise,  government department or a multinational company with multiple locations, we know the stress and strains faced in doing business.

We will work with you to:

-ensure you are compliant with Government Legislation

– your team are working with you, want to be there and helping you grow your organisation

– clients love coming to purchase your products and services, time, after time, after time.

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Why we exist?

In 2015 our Principal, Adrian Clark, noticed that organisations were struggling to address the issues around compliance, teams and their organisations culture.

Many had heard of the Fair Work Act but did not fully know how it impacted them personally or their organisation as a whole.  They could they afford someone dedicated to addressing the issues around compliance, teams and culture.

The people were good at their trade but did not know how to successfully manage their team and be able to legally address the issues that come up as part of employing a team.

So he started Assurance HR Management with that in mind.

We will work alongside your organisation developing programs, systems, training and compliance based on your needs and your budget.

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Our Mission Statement

"To develop products and services designed to assist organisations who may not have the capacity, resources or finances to do it themselves."

Our Vision Statement

“To be the market leaders in innovative, efficient, Workplace Solutions, Compliance & Training."

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